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The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Smith assist injured persons and their families in pursuing their legal claims. Personal injuries can be extremely stressful and traumatizing for all of those involved. Injured persons should be focused on healing from their wounds.  They are confronted by pain, medical bills and lost wages. Our attorneys are here to let you focus on getting your life back on track while deal with all of the legal issues. Let us deal with the insurance company to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve.  We offer a full-service personal injury practice with the experience and resources necessary to get you the fullest relief under the law.

Skilled Personal Injury Representation

The in The Law Offices of O’Donnell & Smith have significant experience litigating all types of personal injury cases. We know how to deal with insurance companies, medical care providers, opposing attorneys and the courts. We are also not afraid to take your claim to court if necessary, as we have done successfully for many clients in the past.

Whether your personal injury has been the result of an auto accident, a product liability issue or a simple slip and fall, the attorneys in our office have dealt with it before and are prepared to help you. We can also assist you if you or a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse or nursing home abuse or neglect. There are special laws in California to provide remedies for abuse of elders, and we can review your case to determine if you have a claim. Recovering from a serious injury can be a long process for you and your entire family, and we are here to assist you to get back on the right track.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney, contact our office right away for a no-charge consultation. If you are unable to visit our office in person, we can visit you at home, in the hospital, or wherever would make you the most comfortable. We take cases on a contingency fee basis which means you owe no money up front, and we only get paid if we win your case.